what’s on deck…

with 2013 around the corner, i think it’s a good idea to remember all the super things from 2012 and let you know a lil something exciting that is in store for 2013…at least that’s what everyone is doing on the Facebook so i think it may hold some value:)

2012 raised the bar.  the year always begins on a good note with my birthday (what can i say, it’s my second favorite holiday), but this year was like no other because it effectively changed the course of my future.  insert: wedding proposal from my boyfriend of over 2 years and the end of a long distance romance. hopped a plane for 2 weeks in south africa to minister to orphans and endangered kiddos.  moved from a dream life in an island town with mathlete to an affordable shoebox in a pleasant place. i was showered with love by my friends and family for the wedding, got hitched (which marked the most magical and happiest day of my life), traveled to costa rica for tropical fruit and a flood, and celebrated my nephew’s first birthday.  wrapped it up with a blissful transition into married life and bittersweet resignation from a job i loved to be available for the next big thing.

Kristin Burke Photography

Kristin Burke Photography

so what’s up on deck?  nothing short of a german exploration with the hubs (i call him ace), a step off the plank into self employment (i’m advancing my photography company Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell), and a dose of housewifery.

you may ask..why would you quit your promising career for the hubs and a season of unknown?  because where he goes i will go and where he stays, i will stay.  plus, we’re newlyweds and why wouldn’t we drop it all to live in the alps for a few months? i know it’s part of the plan and being courageous enough to step out in boldness is most of the battle.

stayed tuned…  this could get interesting.


One thought on “what’s on deck…

  1. So happy for you Steph! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you and Kyle! We will be praying for y’all and can’t wait to hear more about your adventure along the way!!

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