our best advice

before we got married, i asked around to see what worked for some folks, and what didn’t.  in the process, i learned a lot.  some people have crazy tactics…but it keeps them happy (my mother being one of them).  some people never thought to do anything other than what they do naturally, and found themselves unsatisfied.

Sydney Brant Photography

Sydney Brant Photography

i’m a pretty relational person and believe that the foundation of every good relationship is intention.  as a result, the hubs and i tried to really listen to the tips and determine what ideas we wanted to build our marriage off of.  and of course, i intentionally try to follow up on them.


the two that have made the biggest difference in our marriage are probably to re-evaluate and laugh.  i love feedback and like to know what i am doing that is working and what is not.  about once every two weeks or so, we’ll have some casual Q&A.  the dialogue normally goes like this:

me: “so…what is working for you?  anything you need me to keep doing?”

ace: “all of it.  i like that there is always food in the house.”

me: “ok.  anything i need to stop doing?”

ace: “hm…………maybe the chores.  well, asking me to do them.  i’d like less chores.”

silly boy.

if you like what you see, you can print it off and enjoy, or share your best tips below!






5 thoughts on “our best advice

  1. When we got married, we asked everyone to leave us a wish or a tip (instead of just signing a book), and then spent the first days of married life sifting through them. It was wonderful to get some much great (and odd) information from the people we love.

      • Well… we didn’t get too many weird ones, but we did get some slightly inappropriate ones. Our favorite was “play as many sex games as you can. Get old, and forget all the rules.” The great part is that they were anonymous, so we had lots of fun theorizing who the author was. 😀

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