i love free stuff. especially when it keeps me sane.


i remember the first time i found Pinterest.  i was appalled that i had to request to join the site, anxiously checked my email until i received the invitation, and then once i was in, i stayed up until 2 am looking and pinning.  it was marvelous.

since, the obsession has evolved into brief daily visits to pass small pockets of time.  as a result, i’ve compiled a few boards and collected a couple of pins (yes- this is me being humble).  in efforts to make this a productive hobby, i figure i should actually make it productive and do some of those great ideas.

label3you can follow my boards here (because you know that you really love it too).  or stay tuned for my weekly project attempts, variations, and failures and their coordinating pin’s inspiration.

this week, we will spotlight my love for organization and growing love for my kitchen (which is small.  smaller than the ol’ woman in the shoe’s kitchen).

free printable labels for the kitchen!  so cute!

one saturday, while the hubs was watching football, i sat and labeled.  for hours.  it was perfect.  i used the printable labels, tape, OXO storage containers, plastic food storage containers, and old drink mix containers (like the instant mix-in powder ones).  i wanted this project to be affordable and while the local dollar store lacked storage containers that would last longer than 2 weeks, Target was a home run (and my newlywed gift cards came in handy). you can download the free printable labels below…and spend your saturday labeling away now too!

Rectangular Labels
Square Labels

i found this pin from The Social Home blog (boy do i love this blog and wish i lived in her cupboard). she offers her ridiculously cute printable labels and tips for organizing here. i hope you enjoy the new potential cuteness your kitchen staples could have.



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