i should have put on my full length evening gown for this

mad thanks to hownottokillyourparents for the glorious nomination (and inevitable win) of the Versatile Blogger Award this weekend!  i like winning things.  i like positive feedback.  this is a good monday.

as i nom nom on my morning oatmeal, i can’t help but bask in the glory and pay it forward.  one of the fabulous things about this award is that it multiplies in the community.  kinda like mono on a high school campus.

here are the 15 blogs i’m nominating and why you should follow them too:

  1. Put Together: this is how life should be- clean, organized and well fed
  2. World Via Standby: instant travel inspiration
  3. Squeaky Robot: between the photography and the honesty of her site, you’re sure to leave feeling travel jealous or sassier
  4. Post It Notes from my Idiot Boss: just check it out.  and then you will lol.
  5. The Oven Mitt: cute and yummy food.  can’t go wrong.
  6. A TRAVÉS DEL UNIVERSO: eye candy
  7. Our Life in Food: love the idea for a low carb blog and i practically drool at their makings
  8. Craving Chronicles: if you like sweets, you must live here
  9. The Doodle House: they are like the people we all want to be…the ones who actually complete their tasks on their to do list
  10. Sugar and Cloth: vintage fun and food.  can you go wrong?


and lastly… here are 7 things you should know about me:


  1. my record player is named Gerry.
  2. the only reason i exercise is so i can eat more.  if i could sit and eat and be 700 pounds with no impact to my quality of life or health, i would.
  3. i love talking.  and listening.  but i really like to talk more.
  4. i’m a “why” child.  my poor husband.
  5. my phone does not have internet access or a touch screen.
  6. commitment issues.  i’ve got ’em.  hence why you only see 10 other nominations instead of the 15.  the rest will come…eventually (because i also have an addiction to completing tasks).
  7. i have a robot in almost every room in my house.  and the color blue.

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