from my home to yours

there weren’t many things about the marrying process that overwhelmed me.  sure, i had a few bumps along the way of unexpected stress (insert losing my photographer….twice and having no flowers the day before the wedding) but i didn’t imagine the registry would be one of them.


it was.  our first trip to the store took 3 hours and all we picked out was a comforter (one that was later removed and replaced multiple times).  for some reason, the combination of asking for expensive gifts that we were to use for what feels like forever paired with the never-ending stock and supply of options at Bed, Bath & Beyond was really overwhelming for us.  so we did what we knew.  we continued the process online and never returned:)

that being said, i hope there aren’t more folks getting anxiety about the many items to choose from, but if there are, and you are one of them, check out the list below.  it’s the best of my list and the things i wish i would have known.

[sidebar: if your gift didn’t make the cut, i’m sorry.  i still love you and your gift.]

1.Wusthof Classic Knife Set


upper: they are pricey but i love ’em!  they stay so sharp for a long time.  i used these in my parents house for years and fell in love.  they make cutting a potato super easy!  we got the 9 piece and i haven’t needed anything else (granted, i’m an average cook.  if you are more amazing than me, you may want more pieces).  we loved them so much that we also got the steak knives.

downer: can’t go in the dishwasher

2. Shark Vacuum Cleaner


upper: it’s super lightweight and strong.  it will vacuum up things you thought were too heavy (like my dog’s leash)!

downer: small basin for collecting the junk (sometimes i have to empty it twice in one session).

neutral: it has a small head.  we have a small house so it works fine, but if the place was larger, i may want more inches.

3.  Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker


upper: i can now eat ice cream or frozen yogurt at home in 20 mins!

downer: you have to keep the bowl in the freezer for it to be ready in 20.

4. Keurig Coffee Maker


upper: i like coffee.  ace likes hot chocolate.  now we can have both.

downer: the cups are really expensive if you are a daily coffee drinker.  get the refill cups (this guy is great, no leaking when brewing as some are known to do) and you can buy your own coffee at the grocery to save a dime.

5. Dog Frisbee for May Girl


so technically this wasn’t on our registry, but it is one of the best gifts we received.  may girl used to like tennis balls til she met her durable frisbee. thirty minutes in the yard with this guy and she’s off to nap time like a lil baby.

that being said, there are a few things i wish i would have known/advice i will give to you:

  1. invest in good bedding and multiple sets of sheets.  there’s nothing better than a cozy bed for you and your guests.
  2. Target has really good towels.  the Target Home Collection is a durable and super affordable line (mine have lasted 3 years and are still soft).
  3. prioritize!  the sales folks will tell you to get a lot on your registry.  add what you need and update the list as your needs change or the list dwindles.
  4. want a little from many places? check out  you can have stuff from all over the internet.
  5. shop for your space.  if you can’t store it, or you won’t use it within the next 6 months, don’t waste your registry.  it’s no fun to miss out on a necessity because you got a once-a-year-er gift. also, if you can’t store it, then why bother?
  6. keep your registry “send to” address up to date.  if you are moving during your engagement, make sure the registry is updated (or use a more permanent address).
  7. register for staples and use the cash for things you didn’t get and want, or fun items like frames and knickknacks.
  8. choose dishes that don’t get too hot in the microwave.  if this means buying a bowl from your everyday collection and using it for a week in the microwave to make sure it’s perfect, then do it!

i linked you up to Bed, Bath &  Beyond’s site for all these.  i’m not advocating or promoting them necessarily, but they seem to be the king of wedding registries around the US, so if you are registering, hopefully this is easiest to add and research!


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