my latest Pinterest bust


i’m still working on making our little nest super cute and homey.  so i have this list.  and it keeps growing.  bleh.

this week, i knocked something off the list with the “help” of my trusty ol friend, Pinterest.  have you seen the pin for painting roses with celery?  i found the idea here (thanks to Craftsy) and decided i would give it a whirl.

so here is my celery.  looks great huh?


i patted the stalk dry and then dipped it in some paint.

celery2this felt pretty promising.  so i stamped it.

celery3and i would call this a bust.  it looks nothing really like a rose. bummer.  more like a bunch of broken polka dots. so i re-dipped it and tried again.  it pains me to tell you the stamp didn’t get any better (for me at least- you may be a celery stamp pro).  not to mention, i felt this glare of failure in my presence.

may girl wasn’t too impressed.

mariettaso the good news?  i got to cross something off the list!  the bad news, i hung something a lil….wonky on my wall and now i get to stare at it every day..telling me, “you celery rose failure, you.”  we’ll see how long it lasts before i re-paint it.

need more inspiration?  you can check out my other Pinterest boards.


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