courage in the snow

i leave for germany tomorrow.  yikes.  i went from sunny 60s at the beach to gray skies and chilly breezes in the busy city.  now, i will be venturing to frickin’ freezing in the alps.  not too shabby though.

as i have gotten closer to departure, a few things have happened.  mostly, i’ve crossed things off lists (did i pack socks?  print my plane ticket?  turn off the internet?), but recently, i have had the pleasure of revealing why we made the big change.  normally, the conversation goes a lil something like this:

person:  you excited for germany?

me: yes!  we are super pumped.  i kinda feel like it’s a second honeymoon…but cold.

person: oh yeah?  and you really quit your job?

me: yep.  it was not necessarily by choice but at some point, you have to define your priorities.  we wanted to clearly mark our marriage as one of them.  yes- it’s a job i was good at and loved, but at the end of the day, it is just a job; this is our life.

person: yeah.  i get that.  man, i wish i could go to germany or leave for a few months on an adventure.

me: why can’t you?  what’s stopping you?

this concept of what’s stopping us is an interesting one.  courage is a fascinating thing.  as kids, i think we are raised to think courage is taking down the bad guys, preventing the person from crossing the street in danger, being a hero, etc.

in reality, i feel like courage is in the little things, not the grand ones.  it’s stepping out of your comfort zone, dreaming big and then following through, having babies or gaining a puppy, getting on stage, speaking out about your faith and convictions, leaving your parent’s house and financial support, removing yourself from relationships that aren’t best for you, believing God for big things, or going against the grain.

so if courage is actually in the daily and life choices we make, what is preventing us from making the brave decision?  what’s stopping us from our germany?  what priorities do we need to re-evaluate so we can actually be the people we want to be instead of waiting to be that person (which never really works out.  it’s like the laundry…if you wait to do it, it never gets done and you’re having to do the sniff check to make it through another day)?

i just want to be brave enough to follow through on my calling.  to do what i know i should do, even though it is often new  or odd or a change to my normal routine.  so for the next 3 months, courage is my new normal.  well, courage, a pair of snow boots, and weiner schnitzel.  that’s enough change for now.


3 thoughts on “courage in the snow

  1. I love it! I am so thankful you guys are stepping out, and God will only bless that decision! I can’t wait to see the couple that comes back to us. You will not be the same from this, and that is the best thing that can be said to you. You already have such a beautiful relationship, I can’t even imagine how good it will be in 3 months. Taking chances man…. i love it!

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