i should have bought more smart wool

this is what we woke up to this morning.

Our rental… with a nice new blanket of snow.

the snow seriously came up to my knees.  granted, i’m not super tall so my knees aren’t far off from the ground, but this had to be between a foot to a foot and a half of snow… and we had the bright idea to walk to work in it! (i’m sure it was only because we had been trapped in the house for 4 days with ace’s sickness.  now that he’s better, we’re getting radical!)

We're not at the beach anymore.

We’re not at the beach anymore.

an hour and a half later, i returned home (to perfectly cleared/plowed streets mind you) just to lay my clothes over the radiators (the ones in the dryer from days ago still aren’t actually dry), make a hot cup a tea, listen to florence + the machine, and plan my weekend trip to Kempten and the Romantic Road.

the morning vitamin rita’s husband makes me take must have had an extra dose of crazy in it because after 2 hours of thawing, i suited up and headed back out into the snowy mist to walk into town*.

and then i got lost.

This is what “I’ll navigate by memory- no need to look at a map” lost looks like {covered in snow}.

after 3 hours of snow walking, i returned home with cappuccino, chocolate, and cheese (from my new favorite grocery store)….and it was completely worth it.

now, to buckle down and finish the laundry, start making cheesy potato soup, and clean the dishes.  bummer.  i think i would rather be trompsing through the snow.

*i should probably mention that the closest anything really is at least an hour’s walk.  mathlete has a theory that in order for a place to be a village it must have something i have forgotten, and in order for it to be a town, it must have government facilities (firehouse, courthouse). we don’t have either of those things…so i think by the process of elimination, i live in a neighborhood. although we do have a church and a cheese house, so maybe we are a village after all?


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