a delta valentine


i don’t think Valentine’s Day is celebrated in germany like it is overwhelmingly inundated in the american culture.  this is fine for me (i’m not so much a valentine’s day maniac).  this does make things a little difficult though for making it lovely for the hubs.  he is in fact 100% lover of corny, sentimental, and sappy gestures.  i mean, he popped his foot at our wedding.

that being said, i went to the store to see what i could find.  he’s not a total chick, so i knew flowers and chocolate wouldn’t be right.  i was standing in the store, full of nothing really valentines-y that i could see and stuck with the quandary….how over the top do i go?  this is our first married valentine’s day, so i don’t want to go too overboard.  at the same time, it’s slim pickins so i know i will have to creative.

i bought some gummy bears (because he loves them) and a card, went home and looked around for some stuff in the house that i could repurpose in a practical, thrifty, and fun way.  better to use what i have, right?

i had the following in my artillery:

-a black pen

-a dead lightbulb

-a Delta toiletry bag

-gummy bears

-a card with roses on it that was blank inside

-ace’s beard cutting scissors

hmm.  not sure what to do here.  so i did what any woman would do.  i went to pinterest and found inspiration.  i sliced up the card into 4 pieces and chose 4 ideas from my Holidays board.  now, he can have 4 days of cutesy fun.  of course, i have to thank Delta again for saving the day, as most of my cutesy items came from there and the word play was inevitable.

Frick Lion 1

happy valentine’s day to you too!  you’re so sweet to keep reading and i am not lion.


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