fire and ice

last week was a tuffy for a couple of reasons.  the hubs made me talk about my feelings and the sun didn’t shine.  not my favorite combo.

the land is definitely growing on us.  the food is great.  the towns are easy to navigate to. the people have been super kind.  plus, we got an insider’s list of things to do, which is inspiring to say the least.  overall though, i guess i thought that after a month here, we would have been better adjusted.

by friday night, we were tired of eating soup (that is about all we can make in our baby kitchen), tired of being cold, tired of not being able to go to the bank (it’s miraculously always closed), tired of having a curfew because it was too dangerous to drive at night, and tired of german tv (the simpsons in german is not any better than the simpsons in english).  thankfully, God is good and gave us a light at the end of the tunnel.  a torchlight to be exact.

Our torch fire ice cavern hiking excursion!

Our torch fire ice cavern hiking excursion!

after wiener schnitzel and meat and potatoes for dinner (we also had the best beer and riesling thus far), we grabbed a torch and headed through a winter cavern on an evening hike.  so fun.  seriously.  if you are ever in bavaria, you must do this.  i only almost set someone on fire once.  not too shabby for a friday night.

Breitach Klamm | cool.

Breitach Klamm | Seriously…so cool.


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