wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy….

not really.  i actually wake up to tiny feet stomping around, a crying baby, and the clinging of dishes from the family upstairs.  that’s when i know… it’s the start of a new day.

our average weekday is average to say the least, yet still pretty magnificent.  we rise around 7, get ready, and hoof it to ace’s plant.  the walk is kind of dreamy in spite of the gray skies.  we get all bundled up and walk through our neighborhood, past the breakfast shack (it’s a shed that sells bread, pretzels, and sausage in the mornings), the cheese house, and then go through the field, over the river, and down a trail.

The Allgau Cheese House | It's famous in our region.

The Allgau Cheese House | It’s famous in our region.

the morning saunter normally smells like burning wood and sausage (depending on where you are).  the cold weather is very tolerable, and i still laugh when i find yellow snow. i drop ace off at work, give him a lil goodbye kiss, and head home on the longer, more scenic route (when it’s cleared), which takes me by a barn, up a hill, and past all the older men shoveling their driveways.

i find my way to a hot cup of tea or cappuccino and settle in for a morning of photography related stuff.  then, i try to make myself work out, eat lunch, and either have my skype dates, get started on dinner, walk into town for groceries, or get lost on pinterest.  around 4, i pull myself together for a sunset walk to pick up ace.  i finish off the evening with ace and a great local brew, some type of grilled cheese manifesto, soup, and a couple of cubes from the week’s chocolate bar.

Just another night in

Just another night in

so i may not wake up feeling like rap royalty, but i do feel like i am living a dream…less dangerous than the days of notorious b.i.g, and  i am surrounded by castles.


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