it was no green eggs and ham….

but it was authentic black forest cake and ham!  as a dedicated dessert devourer, i have desperately missed my american sweet treats.  as you can imagine, i  was thrilled to convince the hubs to drive 3 hours just for cake.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte / Black Forest gateau

saturday was, for all intensive purposes, the same as every other saturday.  we planned a day trip to someplace awesome.  this saturday was different for me though because it meant we got to go someplace enchanting that also originated culinary staples.  the fat girl inside me was so happy to eat black forest ham and cake from the region it originated.  so, i did what any dedicated fan would do, i researched the cake and ham and found out what makes them legitimately “black forest”, and i liked what i saw.  for the cake to be authentic, it has to be made in the black forest and with the black forest cherry liquor in it.  the european union has a rule that no other ham can claim to be “black forest” unless it is seasoned a certain way and from the black forest region (america doesn’t have the same rule).

so after a drive through ski country and the wine country, we made our arrival to germany’s san francisco and walked immediately to the hotel to grab a slice of cake (because all the restaurants are attached to a hotel of some sort).  after that, we meandered into all the cuckoo clock shops and bought some souvenirs, which included black forest ham (hello…i’ve never been more excited to eat sandwiches in my life).  now that our food was settled and our hands freezing cold, we opted for an afternoon hike through the black forest (and towards a waterfall) to warm ourselves up.

Triberg, Germany | The Black Forest

Triberg, Germany | The Black Forest

it didn’t work.  i think the temps were somewhere around 5 degrees fahrenheit on saturday….  and in the mountains, near the water, even colder.  so once we couldn’t feel our hands, we grabbed a cup of joe and headed to the car.  i know… you are wondering our thoughts on the trip, right?  good for you…. i have opinions:

the cake? eh.  i probably wouldn’t get it again.  the bright side?  the whipped cream was amazing, but the cake itself was no better than a grocery store version.

the falls? lovely, cold, but totally worth it because ace ate it up and fell flat on his butt.  it was hysterical…. and then i almost ate it up too, which was equally funny.  in our household, we don’t discriminate clumsiness.

the ham? amazing.  we bought $14 worth of it to eat.

the shopping?  perfect if you want a cuckoo clock, fruit wine, christmas ornaments, or crap.  the shops had a great selection of all that.

the town? quaint, hilly, plenty of shopping (even in the non tourist season), pretty good food.

THe Black Forest Falls

The Black Forest Falls

my favorite part of the drive? it’s a tie.  found a skate park and a man herding sheep.

There's a lot of action in these woods.

There’s a lot of action in these woods.

we settled in to a night of tv and heat…and then lost the internet for a few days.  bummer, but we survived without facebook and google translate long enough to get addicted to a tv show, start a new book, and harvest a love affair with a block of ham.  ours is a tough life.


One thought on “it was no green eggs and ham….

  1. It’s a Black Forrest ‘Gateau’ Mrs. H 😉 and I had this as a Christmas dessert every year for the first 10 of my life hehe. Loving your blog and perspective – reminds me of home. Can’t wait to catch up and laugh at all this!!

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