free printables…all the rage


i’ll be really honest with you today…i’m not feeling it.  i’m not feeling like blogging, or walking or talking, or doing anything else other than drinking my coffee, reading a book, and occasionally looking outside over the foggy mountains.  i’m going to blame it on dinner……i must still be in food coma from last night.


i will also blame it on the fact that my brain is tired and wants to check out.  i think i have spent the whole week being consumed with business ideas (to start a photography blog or not?  do i want a home studio?  how can i drive more business?), personal ideas (i want to buy a house.  i want to eat pesto with breakfast.  i don’t feel like working out today.), and logistics (if i stop reading at 4, i can have an extra 30 minutes for pictures before i pick up the hubs.  how are we going to do holidays with fam this year?).  it’s all very boring and exhausting at the same time.

so here is your pin idea for this week and last week (because i skimped out on you), splashed with some of life’s irony.  i started (and will continue) making printables.  they seem to be way popular on Pinterest (just search “free printable”).  these are things that say life related sayings and are for you to print out and frame or post someplace glorious.  i tried selling them and that has been a bust, but they make me happy, so i keep making them.  you can find a few here.  this is the one i made this week for a facebook cover photo:

Be happy |Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

Be happy |Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

i went on safari this summer.  it was awesome (hello- i saw baby elephants).  i just finished editing the pictures from it.  now, i want to go back.  really badly.  stay tuned, i’ll let you know when i upload the pictures from it, get out of the funk, start a new book, and hopefully make next week’s posting a lil more…well just more.  yes, next week’s posting will be about doors and elephants, so start holding your breath.



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