village people and animal house

sunday was a good day for me. sometimes, i feel like brendan fraser in Blast from the Past (usually when i have been stuck in the basement apartment and the sun hasn’t been shining and i haven’t left for a few days… that gives me the nuclear fallout shelter feeling). but sunday was more like a North by Northwest day as i navigated a new town and made a friend along the way.

German countryside

German countryside

i live in a dream land. it’s as easy as that. i look out my window and see the alps. brendan didn’t have that, poor guy.

View from our backyard: Bavarian Alps | Songbird Photography

View from our backyard: Bavarian Alps | Songbird Photography

there is something magical about this place. it’s a land where people ride their horses into town to buy bread…nothing is super-sized or maximized… a place where beer and wine are the same cost of a small bottle of water… a dreamland where you always have a panoramic view of the mountains and feel like your 2 steps away from heaven. it’s a crazy little place where people run to work, even when it is 5 degrees outside and snowing. it offers something fabulous in its 2:30 coffee and cake break time.  its emphasis on efficiency is epitomized with the stop lights: they go from red to yellow right before they turn green so all the drivers with stick can be ready to go. this place. this lil village place (where i seriously saw a guy taking his horses and carriage for a spin around the town chapel)…. it has easily become something of beauty to me.

this guy is also a sight for sore eyes. i named him nutella (because he reminds me of peanut butter, which they don’t sell here). i pet his nose, told him he was lovely, and when i stopped, he turned around and farted on me. true love, right?

A horse is a horse, of course | Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

A horse is a horse, of course | Songbird Photography

so anyway, my saturday was basically filled with the grocery store at the mall and chocolate.  we ate a lot of chocolate saturday night.  in fact…it was our late afternoon snack, dinner, and 4th meal.  we were such americans; we left the grocery with oreos, cokes, chocolates, and an empty stomach.  now, we are sad and crying because we are going through withdrawals.  my sunday on the other hand was filled with coffee, cheese, house church, and livestock.  i know what you city folk might be thinking, “is she crazy?  i would die out there!  how boring.”  and i’ll be honest, i miss going out so badly that i have mini dance parties by myself in the middle of the afternoon, but this place is more like being on a vacation than being exiled.  plus, how can you say no to this?

Cutey-Patooties | Songbird Photography

Cutey-Patooties | Songbird Photography

now, i think i’ll help myself to another cup of tea and a personal conversation to try and get myself motivated to go running…i don’t want to jinx it, but i think spring may have sprung here!  we are going on our 3rd sunny day!


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