show me what you got, pioneer woman


so this week’s pick a pin credit goes totally to my sissy.  she has told me many times how good this recipe is… she swears by it.  and if there is anything my sissy knows, it’s how to make your hair not frizzy, make a baby happy, and cook a good dinner.

so here’s to you, sissy.  i raise my glass in preparation for date night in’s dinner tonight: pioneer woman’s pork chops with apples and creamy bacon cheese grits.

now.. a few things to note because i will be adapting the recipe for a few reasons…

1. i don’t think germany has ever heard of grits… a result, i am using cauliflower.

2. we still have a brick of black forest ham, so i’m chopping that up instead of the bacon.

3. i may not make it to the cheese shop before it closes, so the creamy cheesy factor may not be there either.

4. i can’t find maple syrup.

5. i don’t have time to make chicken stock and don’t have cayenne..i do have another orange-colored spice and a lot of the white wine that i am going to wing it with.

but otherwise…i’m expecting it to be exactly the same level of delicious.

what are you doing for date night?  maybe you should try the real recipe?  we can make a ven diagram later to compare and contrast.


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