imaginary hot cocoa and sugar cookies


i thought spring had sprung.  we had sunshine or a few days.  i was starting to run outside again.  i even could forego my thick, warm winter coat for a long sleeve and hoodie.

and then the snow came again.  i knew it was happening.  one day, the sky changed.  the clouds evolved.  the rain started to fall and then by the morning, there was a fresh blanket of the beautiful, chilling white stuff.

naturally, this makes me want to stay inside, drink hot chocolate, and read a book.  do to limited resources and list of to-dos, i may not get to make that a reality today, but here is what i wish i was doing.

Drinking this:

crockpot hot chocolate

Crockpot Hot Chocolate thanks to Creating Through Life

Eating this:

sugar cookies

Sugar Cookie Squares from Cooking Classy

and adding to my Inspiration pin board.  because let’s face it, there is nothing like our head being active while our body is still and eating sweets to make us more happy.

nonetheless, i will get started on hand washing the dishes, finishing the laundry, editing pictures, and planning our super fabulous weekend getaway to this fun, lil old town.

happy thursday to you!


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