do they have gatekeepers here?

i didn’t know what to think.  it looked like a castle, but it was really a town.  it was a cross between bewilderment (do places like this really still exist?) and insignificance.  when you are standing next to a giant walled city, you feel pretty small and young.  these towns have survived much more than i have, which is inspiring, amazing, and captivating.

Rothenburg, Germany

this past weekend, we went to two beautiful cities in germany: rothenburg ob der tauber and nurnberg.  they were awesome; full of history and charm.  it was a shutterbug’s dream.

Rothenburg, Germany

some highlights:

the food.  in rothenburg, they make these pastry balls (see below).  it’s essentially dough that has been balled up together, cooked, and then dipped in a “sweet” flavoring (like chocolate, vanilla, lemon).  i say “sweet” because german treats aren’t really sweet at all.  nurnburg is known for their sausages and gingerbread.  both cities provided a tasty array of traditional german food, so we were all set.

Rothenburg, Germany

Treats and Sweets at a local dessert shop

Rothenburg, Germany

Meat. You can’t get away from it in this country.

the towns themselves.  both are known to house pretty great street markets.  rothenburg is famous for its christmas market (which we obviously missed) and nurnberg had amazing street vendors; there was everything from kitchen gear, food, jewelry, polish pottery, and fabrics.

Nurnberg, Germany

the walking.  i love walking and through these old towns was nothing short of dreamy.  the days passed quickly and every turn led us to a new nook or cranny.  it was so fun navigating through all the lil alleys.

Rothenburg, Germany

the shopping.  first of all, you should know i am a terrible shopper.  my favorite kind of shopping is going to the grocery store.  unfortunately, my “fun” shopping behaviors are similar to that of an errand.  for example, i wanted to get a fun, antique ring from germany as a birthday gift.  that was the only thing on my shopping list.  every store we entered, i maneuvered in a strategic, organized way (normally a 360 loop from front to back), only to find they didn’t have “the ring”.  as a result, i ended up getting a splurge item, which i was super excited for (i got my first piece of polish pottery)!  thanks to the hubs for convincing me it was ok, even though it wasn’t on “the list”.  in conclusion, even though i am a bad shopper, i think good shoppers would still love this place, especially if they could tough it out during the christmas cold.  the shopping was well rounded and a general crowd pleaser.  i’m talking variety: food, drinks, jewelry, antiques, new stuff/designer stuff, trinkets, christmas things, etc, so, in theory, we are all set.

Rothenburg, Germany

if i haven’t already convinced, let’s just put it out there: if you go to germany, visit these places!  especially if you are missing america.  while they don’t really resemble much of what we are used to, you can speak english there!! (hey- from a lil town girl who doesn’t know much german, that was a blessing from the heaven above!)  and…nurnberg has 2 starbucks.  i’m telling you, winner winner chicken dinner.



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