a post for those who haven’t seen spring yet

maybe you felt it, maybe you didn’t, but i have been avoiding you.  well, not necessarily avoiding you, but i didn’t have much to say this past week, and i was working on my other blog (you should follow it too.  lots of pretty pictures), and i feel like you may have gotten the short stick.

so, i’m sorry.

now, let’s move on.  it’s time for your weekly pin.


i wanted to share something that i actually have done.  being stuck inside for most of my days, i’ve picked up working out in the home, as opposed to my earlier gym rat, run outside, walk the dog routine.  you can find all the things i have tried and plan to try here.  i try to add comments (mostly these are fyis for myself) about what i liked or didn’t like, and if a routine sucks, i cut it off the board.

so go ahead.  take a gander at what is keeping me active in the cold.

don’t like to work out?  well here is a pin for you too:)

i made it for dinner the other night.  the only difference is that i used these italian sausage (or some mystery meat that tastes similar) ravioli in the soup, instead of the meat and noodles.  i really liked it, but the hubs isn’t one who eats “tomato sauce foods” and thought it was a bit too “marinara like”.  whatevs.  it was tasty.  i’m eating it again today.

so if spring hasn’t sprung in your neck of the woods, you can keep yourself skinny by working out indoors, or keep yourself full by eating the sausage soup.  don’t worry, we don’t judge.

have a good weekend!


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