a cough, the cold, the causeway and champ

even though the calendar says i leave germany in a lil over a week, it failed to hit me until our “big shabang” trip.  that’s when i realized the shenanigans were almost over and i would be returning to my beloved beach town soon.  this was bittersweet as i still had my cough from last week, am really enjoying my time in germany, but did indeed want to return to america for the pup and comforts of home.


and let me tell you.  the big shabang was that indeed.  thanks to some great connections by my very friendly sissy and her best friend, i had become cyber pals with delightful irish gal.  when the question arose for what our big out of country trip should be, the willingness of kate to host us in the beautiful northern irish coast made the decision easy.  belfast, ireland…here we come.

Northern Ireland Coast

Northern Ireland Coast

the long weekend was nothing short of jam packed.  i’m talking food, fun, and sweets!

friday: arrive in the afternoon, dinner with kate’s parents (her dad is like the best cook ever), drinks at a pub

saturday: breakfast at a local street market, tour of downtown belfast, walking trip to the giant’s causeway, snack stop at “the nook”, drive up the coast, dinner at remore (amazing desserts)

Giant's Causeway... uber impressive

Giant’s Causeway… uber impressive

sunday: happy easter!  breakfast with the fam and cadbury eggs, church, bbq, afternoon at home with the parents and watching mary berry, pit stop at a local lighthouse, dinner and sticky toffee pudding at the dirty duck, drive to dublin

monday: catch flight in dublin and head home!

the causeway was incredible.  praise God for the sunshine and lack of rain during the weekend.  oh, and let’s praise him for the food too.  my favs:

-malteesers (they are these squares made of chocolate, biscuit cookies, malt balls, and white chocolate.  yum.)

-lemon berry cheesecake

-kate’s dad’s beef bourgeon

-champ (mashed potatoes with scallions)

-percy pigs berry gummies (they are sissy’s fav)

-kate’s dad’s blueberry pancakes

-carrot cake! (i have been sad to miss it over easter, and then i got some..score!)

-kate’s mom’s pavlova.  delish.

-seafood chowder

Walking to the causeway

Walking to the causeway

for more images of our trip, check out my facebook page.


4 thoughts on “a cough, the cold, the causeway and champ

  1. I’m so glad you had such a fantastic time. I knew you would. Kate is so amazing and her family is so kind and giving and fun. And isn’t Belfast beautiful?? But the biggest question is “did you stock up on Percy pigs???” Mmhhhh thinking about them now. I will barter in Malachi kisses. 🙂

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