i am all out of pesto and toast… which means the end is near.

seriously.  i leave in 2 days.  and i have just enough of my favorite meal (more on that later) to get me through it.  it is like it was all perfectly planned (which… it kinda was, because i am me).  america, you ready to get me back?

Sunset byt he pond near our house

Sunset by the pond near our house

as i imagine everyone does, the end of this era (can i call it an era if it’s only been 3 months?) causes me to reflect.  what did i love about the trip?  what did i learn?  what food will i miss?  it’s hard to fathom what life will be like when i return because so much has changed.

my hair for one.  go three months of no product or heat on your hair.  it will grow like a weed and have no split ends.  crazy.

my job for another.  here’s to trying to support myself!

my dog.  i am pretty sure that she is going to be so made we took her from her boyfriend and always available play toy.  she probably won’t look at me for a week.  lame.

the weather.  i will be going from under 40 mountain and countryside to over 70 beach.  this is one change i am pretty stoked about.

One of the snow days outside our home

One of the snow days outside our home

anywho.. enough with the changes- i don’t like change much and thinking about it makes me want to eat the box of chocolates in the cupboard and i am pretty sure my dentist is already going to be upset with me and my sugar intake.

Famous Apple Strudel with vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream

Famous Apple Strudel with vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream

now for the learning, because i like learning.  i was reminded of how much i enjoy traveling.  i really don’t enjoy the history and scenic stuff my own town has to offer and when i am back in the usa, you better believe i am going to do a better job at being a tourist in my own town!  i also learned the Spotify is awesome (better than Pandora).  that you can make dinner with a stove that only has 2 eyes and a steak knife for chopping (although, it is not recommended).  i don’t need as many clothes as i have; i just survived 3 months with 2 pairs of jeans, 4 sweaters, and 2 sets of earrings.  makes getting ready incredibly faster.  the things i learned about my husband are too many to count, but my favorite is that he doesn’t mix his food on his plate (i am a total mixer.  it’s like thanksgiving every day).  i learned that i am a social butterfly but thankfully wouldn’t die if most of my social contact disappeared (again, not requested or recommended).  also realized that God has something good in store for me.  a new challenge.  and lastly, i learned that you can make the nasty rye and sunflower seed bread delicious by toasting it on both sides, smearing it with some pesto and topping it with a sunny side up egg. so i did that… every day.

From our daily walks

From our daily walks

i have loved my time here, even when i didn’t like it.  i loved the snow, even when my bones were cold and i couldn’t feel the snot running out my nose. i loved the countryside, even though it didn’t leave much for entertainment (hello!  remember how excited i was to see the horse?).  i loved the food but i am not going to eat pork again for a while.  i will miss the riesling, mossy trees, walks to and from work, yummy chocolate, cheap groceries, old people on bikes, clomping of the man with his horse and carriage every afternoon, and the cheese house.  man.  i will miss the cheese house.

The Allgau Cheese House | It's famous in our region.

The Allgau Cheese House | It’s famous in our region.

also, just to give you a heads up, now that the literal journey is over, you can follow me over here, on my other blog.  that will be my new focus for verbal explosions.  so follow along there to get more of this.Germany-33.


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