a lil introduction

Sydney Brant Photography

i believe in a place full of love and laughter, where the glass is half full and hearts are always happy.  i believe in freezing time in a photograph to capture the beauty of a candid moment and show personality. i believe in a big and powerful God who is crazy in love with us.

i’m from the south and seriously love being hospitable; throw me in a kitchen and i’m golden. partly because i find value in serving and partly because i’m not one of those girls who doesn’t eat.  i’m convinced there is a grandma living in my soul because i would die without oatmeal, antique lace and finding treasures with a colored past. i have very few theories about life, but i think fights can be resolved by speaking in a british accent and that traffic is from the devil. i love my dog and my husband more and more with each passing day of this adventure and i hope the character developed through these experiences grants me the blessing of hearing, “well done my good and faithful servant.  well done.”  not because i am awesome (although i am), but because i’m intentional with my relationships and my time (and hopefully this blog).

so dive it.  make a mess in the kitchen.  find all my typos and imagine yourself in my shoes.  we can be friends, but you need to know i am terrible at wrapping presents, hate hugs, and will always feed you.  in this relationship, there will be honesty (although brutal at times), grace, fun, and laughter…kinda like watching an episode of Ellen at happy hour.


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