cast of characters

throughout the posts, you will find all the fun folks i surround myself with.  here’s your glossary of terms in case you need some help keeping it all straight.

(and these are in no particular order)

  • the hubs/ace: my husband.  he’s ridiculously goofy and plays with robots for a living.  i love him more than i let myself realize.
  • sissy: my sister and mother of my favorite nephew.  she can talk a wall to death and is a wiz in the kitchen.  she loves snuggling and actually does bring may flowers (only on may day though).
  • rita: boy.  i would die without her.  she is my best friend and taught me how to love.  seriously the nicest person i ever met (i’m not joking- she’s a vegetarian).
  • mathlete: she’s sassy and spectacular.  holds her own with the men at the bar and  can send you home with your tail between your legs.  she also happens to be the person who is always teaching me about myself and to expand my point of view.
  • may girl: my eternal pup.  she looks like a panda bear and knows her left from her right.  yea.  she’s pretty brilliant.
  • amy, travel expert: exercise partner turned travel buddy.  she’s like punky brewster, but blonde and with perfect skin and teeth.  knows a lot about a lot.  could live off wine, pasta, and cheese, and definitely the person you would want to be stranded on an island with because she has a story for everything and would find all the wild boar and roast it with fresh veggies while doing yoga.
  • you: somehow, you found your way here.  thanks for stopping by because if it wasn’t for your continued interest in my stream of thoughts, then i would just be posting this for my parents.  and that’s lame.

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