a delta valentine

i don’t think Valentine’s Day is celebrated in germany like it is overwhelmingly inundated in the american culture.  this is fine for me (i’m not so much a valentine’s day maniac).  this does make things a little difficult though for making it lovely for the hubs.  he is in fact 100% lover of corny, sentimental, […]

from my home to yours

there weren’t many things about the marrying process that overwhelmed me.  sure, i had a few bumps along the way of unexpected stress (insert losing my photographer….twice and having no flowers the day before the wedding) but i didn’t imagine the registry would be one of them. it was.  our first trip to the store […]

i love free stuff. especially when it keeps me sane.

i remember the first time i found Pinterest.  i was appalled that i had to request to join the site, anxiously checked my email until i received the invitation, and then once i was in, i stayed up until 2 am looking and pinning.  it was marvelous. since, the obsession has evolved into brief daily […]

our best advice

before we got married, i asked around to see what worked for some folks, and what didn’t.  in the process, i learned a lot.  some people have crazy tactics…but it keeps them happy (my mother being one of them).  some people never thought to do anything other than what they do naturally, and found themselves […]

tis the season

there was a time in my life when all my girlfriends were engaged.  seriously.  everyone but me and mathlete. which is pretty impressive, because we are friendly people. then everyone got married, we graduated college, and decided to leave home on our own adventure and escape all those crazies. i didn’t know it could happen, […]