free printables…all the rage

i’ll be really honest with you today…i’m not feeling it.  i’m not feeling like blogging, or walking or talking, or doing anything else other than drinking my coffee, reading a book, and occasionally looking outside over the foggy mountains.  i’m going to blame it on dinner……i must still be in food coma from last night. […]

a delta valentine

i don’t think Valentine’s Day is celebrated in germany like it is overwhelmingly inundated in the american culture.  this is fine for me (i’m not so much a valentine’s day maniac).  this does make things a little difficult though for making it lovely for the hubs.  he is in fact 100% lover of corny, sentimental, […]

my latest Pinterest bust

i’m still working on making our little nest super cute and homey.  so i have this list.  and it keeps growing.  bleh. this week, i knocked something off the list with the “help” of my trusty ol friend, Pinterest.  have you seen the pin for painting roses with celery?  i found the idea here (thanks […]