i am all out of pesto and toast… which means the end is near.

seriously.  i leave in 2 days.  and i have just enough of my favorite meal (more on that later) to get me through it.  it is like it was all perfectly planned (which… it kinda was, because i am me).  america, you ready to get me back? as i imagine everyone does, the end of […]

a cough, the cold, the causeway and champ

even though the calendar says i leave germany in a lil over a week, it failed to hit me until our “big shabang” trip.  that’s when i realized the shenanigans were almost over and i would be returning to my beloved beach town soon.  this was bittersweet as i still had my cough from last […]

do they have gatekeepers here?

i didn’t know what to think.  it looked like a castle, but it was really a town.  it was a cross between bewilderment (do places like this really still exist?) and insignificance.  when you are standing next to a giant walled city, you feel pretty small and young.  these towns have survived much more than […]

run dmc and a chocolate cappuccino

that is what I am surrounding myself with right now.  and it’s bliss.  this past week has been kinda crazy for me personally.  i have been up to my ears in photo editing, business plans for Songbird Photography, and webinars about developing my signature style.  when my eyes start to freeze from the computer screen, […]

i get knocked down, but i get up again

today had all the potential to be a success.  we had sunshine for the first time in 10 days.  the roads were plowed.  we had cash in our pockets and a plan for the day. today was supposed to be the day that reminded us of how much we enjoy Bavaria.  a day to help […]