show me what you got, pioneer woman

so this week’s pick a pin credit goes totally to my sissy.  she has told me many times how good this recipe is… she swears by it.  and if there is anything my sissy knows, it’s how to make your hair not frizzy, make a baby happy, and cook a good dinner. so here’s to […]

my latest Pinterest bust

i’m still working on making our little nest super cute and homey.  so i have this list.  and it keeps growing.  bleh. this week, i knocked something off the list with the “help” of my trusty ol friend, Pinterest.  have you seen the pin for painting roses with celery?  i found the idea here (thanks […]

from my home to yours

there weren’t many things about the marrying process that overwhelmed me.  sure, i had a few bumps along the way of unexpected stress (insert losing my photographer….twice and having no flowers the day before the wedding) but i didn’t imagine the registry would be one of them. it was.  our first trip to the store […]

i have to hide his veggies

i’ve been wanting to make this recipe for a loooong time.  so long in fact, that i bought all the ingredients a while ago but never found the time to make it, so i had to freeze what i could in efforts to be thrifty. i originally stumbled upon the recipe here (thanks to SkinnyTaste) and […]