i am all out of pesto and toast… which means the end is near.

seriously.  i leave in 2 days.  and i have just enough of my favorite meal (more on that later) to get me through it.  it is like it was all perfectly planned (which… it kinda was, because i am me).  america, you ready to get me back? as i imagine everyone does, the end of […]

do they have gatekeepers here?

i didn’t know what to think.  it looked like a castle, but it was really a town.  it was a cross between bewilderment (do places like this really still exist?) and insignificance.  when you are standing next to a giant walled city, you feel pretty small and young.  these towns have survived much more than […]

home sweet home

ever been away from something or someone and then when you are reunited this explosion of joy happens in your soul and a level of surreal this-feel-like-a-movie bliss and awkward familiarity surrounds you? i had that on saturday.  it was perfect. the hubs picked me up from munich (you can read more on that in […]